Alphonso the king of mango. Cultivated in Maharashtra, Karnataka and some pocket in Andrapradesh and Chennai.

Each one has a unique taste generally it starts from April and ends in June.

Ratnagiri Alphonso:

GI indicated super export quality mango grown in Ratnagiri district. It has a unique test. Mainly export to gulf countries and united states. Shelf life is better than other alphonso.pulp is also very thick. Fruits start from 150gm to 300 gm. There are two belts in Ratnagiri region one is Ratnagiri taluka and other is Dapoli. Dapoli and Guhagar had late-season up to mid-June.

Devgadh Alphonso:

Most awaited mango. Have great texture and aroma. Consumed in domestic and export. The fruit is in big size but has less shelf life compared to Ratnagiri belt. But in taste, there is no alternative to it. It is early harvesting mango starts from mid-march and end in mid-may. Fruits start from 200gm. Have a saffron colour in it

Karnataka Alphonso:

The district Belgaum, Hubli and Mangalore have a huge area of mango cultivation. It has high yield production. Starts from march and end in June. Mostly sold as Ratnagiri Alphonso in domestic due to similarity. You can differentiate it simply. Karnataka Alphonso has bright yellow pulp compare to the saffron red pulp of Ratnagiri Alphonso. Also less aroma than Ratnagiri comparatively cheap mango.

Andhra / Madras Alphonso:

Very cheap mango compare to others. Mainly used in the canning industry and domestic purpose.